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BRINK Foundation is a non-profit entity that creates educational campaigns, on-line and off-line, to expose how personal bias and Internet algorithms work together to create harmful filter bubbles.

A filter bubble is a situation in which an Internet user encounters only information and opinions that conforms to and reinforces their own beliefs.

It is expensive to create and especially to distribute this kind of content. The more money we raise, the more impact we have, that’s just how it works. Please chip in to help us restore facts, fight fake news, and rebuild respect in science and technology.

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Recent Campaigns


In August of 2018, we used Instagram Story videos to target young people in the state of Arizona encouraging them to gather impartial information on the candidates in the 2018 election, rising above the polarized rhetoric and delivering clear, entertaining, non-partisan and unbiased guides to the candidates. BRINK won a prestigious REED award in the “Best Use of Technology for GOTV” category for this campaign.


In 2016, we worked with the UN foundation to create a series of animated web spots highlighting important global issues. While we advised that more money be spent promoting the videos on Social Media, this video managed to reach 126k people and was shared 421 times from just a $20 media buy on Facebook.

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  • $1,200 - Some thing
  • $550 - Support Staff
  • $3,300 - Distribution and Management
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This is another cause

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  • $400 - Setup and Development
  • $2,150 - Equipment and Delivery
  • $8,000 - Management
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  • $90 - Domain Registration and Hosting
  • $1,775 - Uniforms and Identification
  • $6,100 - Travel and Lodging for Staff
  • $9,250 - Event Registration and Management
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Just one more for fun

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  • $440 - Some item that costs money
  • $1,005 - Rental and Equipment
  • $3,200 - Products and Brochures
  • $5,500 - Management
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