We are a 501 (c) (3) entity working to expose destructive forces operating inside the Internet of today.

We need your help.

Contribute now to the BRINK Foundation; fighting harmful and insidious algorithms takes commitment, resilience and cash.

Our Vision is a better Internet.

We want to educate policymakers and digital consumers (YOU) about what is happening to us (YOU), how it is happening and why we (YOU!) should care.

We are currently focusing our efforts on fighting the following four destructive forces:

Filter Bubbles left, right and center.

The tendency to Skew to Sensationalism.

How algorithms push us toward regressive Binary Thinking.

The perils not-so-hidden in Unclear Authority.

We take issue with the very construct of the Internet. The dream was that it would bring us together. In reality, it is tearing us apart.

Come on humanity, we can do better!

We use our deep bench of marketing skill sets, moxie and a few of your dollars to spread the word wide. We create free lesson plans for teachers, drop educational campaigns into the conversation and sponsor events that get people thinking. If you give us a few Benjamins we will spend them wisely. What we do is not cheap, but it works.

It's time to stop making excuses, time to act!

Our Projects

Pidgin Palace Arts

We have renovated a carriage house built in 1910 to serve as BRINK Foundation's Tucson HQ. The 2000 square foot space has hardwood floors, beautiful light and 16 foot high ceilings. Pidgin Palace Arts is a contemporary art gallery and pan-generational media lab, a space for humane connectivity, a place to develop and create concepts to fight the algorithms. See More

Explaining Algorithms

The BRINK Foundation writes and creates targeted content that explains how the algorithms work, how filter bubbles are created and the issues around discerning authority on the Internet. We are currently soliciting donations so that we can produce and make media buys to distribute this content. See More

Free Lesson Plans For All Grades

We believe Internet Literacy should be taught alongside English. If you give a kid an iPad when she is 3, by the time they are in grade school there had better be a plan for teaching how to use the Internet. We are currently working with educators to create modern teaching strategies so that we can distribute free lesson plans that will help teachers at all levels reach our kids and stimulate their minds. See More


BRINK Foundation supports Robin Singh's Peepal Farm and Animal Rights International for encouraging compassion, critical thinking, and “un-plugging” from the Internet in order to do positive action. We fund both Animal Rights International’s online media work as well as their on-ground animal welfare work (rescue and recovery of animals from the agricultural industry, and sterilizations for stray dogs). See More

Arizona Voter Guides

In 2018, we used Instagram Story videos to target young Arizona voters encouraging them to seek out impartial information on the candidates in the midterm election. Rising above polarized rhetoric to deliver clear, entertaining, non-partisan, unbiased guides, BRINK took home a prestigious REED award in the “Best Use of Technology for GOTV” category for this campaign. See More

United Nations

In 2016, we worked with the UN foundation to create a series of animated web spots highlighting important global issues. This video went viral, organically, after some millennial celebrities shared it on twitter. See More

Quick Takes

Quick Takes are a way of dipping your ears into pools of momentary noise, looking for comforting melodies to listen to as the world implodes.

Don’t overthink them.

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The Fake Factor i

Facebook fuckery has no boundaries...

Threatened by Facebook Disinformation, a Monk Flees Cambodia

Threatened by Facebook Disinformation, a Monk Flees Cambodia

on 8/23/2020
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FB algorithms deny the holocaust.... PUSH BACK ON THIS!

Facebook algorithm found to 'actively promote' Holocaust denial

Facebook algorithm found to 'actively promote' Holocaust denial

in the Guardian on 8/16/2020
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The Fake Factor i

Trump's addiction to Twitter... explained.

Jaron Lanier interview on how social media ruins your life

Jaron Lanier interview on how social media ruins your life

in YouTube on 8/16/2020
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