We are a 501 (c) (3) entity working to expose destructive forces operating inside the Internet of today.

Fighting harmful and insidious algorithms, takes commitment, resilience and cash.

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Pidgin Palace Arts

We have renovated a carriage house built in 1910 to serve as BRINK Foundation’s Tucson HQ. The 2000 square foot space has hardwood floors, beautiful light and 16 foot high ceilings. We call it Pidgin Palace Arts.


S, T, O & P from the show VIRUS 2020 at Pidgin Palace Arts.

Pidgin is a grammatically simplified means of communication that develops between two or more groups that do not have a language in common.

Pidgin Palace Arts is a contemporary art gallery and pan-generational media lab, a space for humane connectivity, a place to develop and create concepts to fight the algorithms. It is a non-virtual location from which the Foundation can operate, all the while heightening awareness of the negative impacts of the Internet and the manipulative mechanics behind it.


S, T, O & P from the show VIRUS 2020 at Pidgin Palace Arts.

We will curate, instigate and show contemporary art that fights the destructive forces of the Internet. We will host performance that twists our fibers of being into inane pretzels of feelings.


O & P from the show VIRUS 2020 at Pidgin Palace Arts.

The gallery will show and sell work from a wide swath of artists, known and less known, celebrated and even shunned by the art world, those that can play the game and social misfits operating at the edge of civil society. Sales of art will benefit both the artists and BRINK Foundation.

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We are currently soliciting donations to purchase a large video array so that we can host contemporary video art and other types of video themed events.  We also need to build 2 public bathrooms before we can host large events.