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BRINK Foundation supports Peepal Farm and Animal Rights International for encouraging compassion, critical thinking, and “un-plugging” from the Internet in order to do positive action.

They create awareness of how big agricultural corporations lie to consumers (both about the healthfulness of their products and the quality of life of the animals they abuse) and they make content which appeals to multiple layers of society, popping “filter bubbles” around topics like compassion toward animals, animal agriculture, health, and veganism – which can be wildly misunderstood in popular media.

We fund both Animal Rights International’s online media work as well as their on-ground animal welfare work (rescue and recovery of animals from the agricultural industry, and sterilizations for stray dogs). The rescue and sterilization program provides an emotional backdrop for their media consumers, and helps them make the connection between their own real-life actions and the animals affected.

From Peepal Farm, an Animal Rights International project:

“We live and advocate a holistic and well-rounded life, using the internet as a tool to spread a message and do good work, without letting it run our lives. We believe in, “Use, don’t get used.” We produce and promote media for changing perspectives and behaviors, and then put down our laptops and phones to make meaningful connections with people, animals, and nature.”

If you want all or part of your BRINK Foundation contribution to go to A.R. I. drop us an email after you make a donation at donations@brink.foundation and let us know.