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Explaining Algorithms

The BRINK Foundation writes and creates targeted content that explains how the algorithms work, how filter bubbles are created and the issues around discerning authority on the Internet. We are critical of the way conflict is handled online, and how sensational content is encouraged. We are currently soliciting donations so that we can produce and make highly targeted media buys to distribute this content.

The presidential election of 2016 showed how easily the algorithms can be manipulated to create ugly polarizations inside our civil societies. Look no further than the myriad thousands of bots both defending and attacking at the same time the likes of Bernie supporters, and organizations like Black Lives Matter and the NRA with the sole purpose of seeding conflict.

When there is no fact checking in the name of free speech and the very term “Fake News” is co-opted by liars and climate change deniers, it is easy to see the root cause of these weaponized programs of destruction: temporal profits at the expense of our future. We can’t allow this.

It is time to fight back with facts. BRINK Foundation supports an open, free, and neutral Internet. We can’t have that while companies like Facebook make a mockery of our social instincts. This is the core of our mission: to fight the destructive forces of the Internet. Join with us.